Who is the Tenth Muse?

“Gasteria is the Tenth Muse: the delights of the Tates are her domain.”
– Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Our Philosophy

At Tenth Muse we believe that every meal is a celebration. We believe that food has the power to enrich us, to uplift us and bring us together. We believe in cooking with love and not worrying about the odd mishap (Burnt toast? We promise it doesn’t matter)

Our Store

Tenth Muse is Australia’s premier online specialty food store with a range of gourmet food products and hard to find ingredients. You will also find a great range of recipes and articles on not only how to cook food, but how to grow it too.

The bricks and mortar grocer is located in Stanmore, in the heart of Sydney’s vibrant inner-west and is stocked with not only the pantry staples and specialty foods available online but a range of local and international cheeses, meats and other refrigerated provisions.

Open 7 days with a daily delivery of bread it’s a place we encourage people to explore and enjoy. We’d love to see you!

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