It’s not the tequila you should be downing in a shot, but the traditional chaser. Mexicans often drink sangrita with their tequila. It’s a balanced sweet and spicy mix of citrus, spices and tomato juice that cleanses the palate and highlights Tequila’s unique pepper and citrus notes. Sure beats sucking on a lemon.

While there’s no ‘true’ recipe for sangrita – versions are as individual as the cantinas that serve them – here’s a recipe to get you started. Be sure to play around with it to land on your own perfect tequila chaser. Start by changing the juice from orange to lemon or lime or even grapefruit. Try adding a little honey or sugar, or mixing up the spices. You get the idea.

150 ml fresh tomato juice
150 ml fresh orange juice
Juice of one lime
2 dashes tabasco sauce
Shake of cayenne pepper
Pinch of salt
Pinch of pepper

Mix all the ingredients together in a shaker with a few cubes of ice and swirl until combined. Keep cool until ready to serve in a shot glass alongside a snifter or copita of tequila.

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