Crunchy flavourful asparagus spears are one of nature’s true delights. A super quick blanch with an equally quick burst of ice water is all the preparation that is required.

Most recipes will ask you to trim the asparagus as the bottom of the spears can often be woody. Trimming the asparagus usually involves grabbing a knife, grouping the bunch of spears together and choosing one point to cut through.

What if we told you that there was a better way, a way in which each asparagus spear was looked at as unique, with its own tender spot?

Each asparagus will have the point along its spear at which it changes from the pliable, tender part to a more snappable, woody part. Using your thumb and forefinger, work your way down the spears length gently bending as you go. You begin with the more bendable, pliable part of the asparagus and once you hit the woodier part – SNAP!

You can discard the fiderous, woody bottom and you are left with a bunch of asparagus that, while slightly different in length, offer only the juicy tender part.

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