Ah salad, how we love thee. The textures, the adaptability, the often transportability. It seems like there isn’t much to not like about salad. The coming together of the individual components acts like a symphony of sorts. This includes how the salad is dressed.

Whether it’s a creamy number or a vinaigrette the most common mistake made in dressing a salad is using too much of the good stuff.

Your salad should be dressed, not drowned (now repeat that three times).

The best way to dress a salad is to place the dressing into a bowl that is large enough to house everything comfortably. Next, place the salad ingredients on top of the dressing and gently toss the salad so that everything has a light coating. Lift the salad out of the bowl and place onto the serving dish. The excess dressing is left inside the mixing bowl and this is where it should stay.

You can also mix the dressing in the serving bowl by placing the salad ingredients in first and adding the dressing in small increments, tossing it all and judging the point at which it thinly coats everything. Excess dressing pooling in the bottom of the bowl is a sign you’ve added too much.

So this summer, show restraint and let your salad ingredients sing.

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