I’m always looking at ways of increasing flavour in my cooking. I figure why not?

It’s especially great if all that’s required is performing a magic trick on an ingredient I’m already using. That’s why when I first heard about toasted flour my attention peaked.

Popular as a way to make edible cookie dough more, well, edible, toasting flour may help kill lingering bacteria but what I was most keen to discover was if toasting flour, similar to ingredients such as nuts, bread and muesli, would lead to a more interesting flavour?

It does! Well, most of the time. 

Toasting flour is also easy. It just requires flour, heat and time. Simply take your flour, put it into a clean/dry (important!) frying pan and place it over a medium heat. It’s important to stand by and constantly whisk the flour while it’s toasting. It takes a few minutes to be lightly toasted but you can also keep it on for up to 10 minutes to really give it that boost. You’ll see it change colour and, more excitingly, you’ll smell a wonderful, well, toastiness too.

Toasted flour can be used any time that flour is called for but is best when there aren’t other dominating flavours. I found that in something like a rich chocolate cake, the strength of the chocolate muted the benefits of toasting the flour. However I love to use it in things like shortbread or pancakes which don’t have many other flavours. It also works great in a roux to thicken sauces such as bechamel.

I’ll toast to that. 

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