The summer heat is beating down on your neck and the idea of a cool refreshing pick-me-up has you seeking equal parts refreshing and delicious. Given the time of year, a little celebratory, too.

Enter stage right: watermelon wedges and *super* cold gin.

True, watermelon and gin isn’t a particularly groundbreaking combination. Blitzing a watermelon gin slushie is a popular way to cool down (and party) the summer months away, but then there is the mess of the blender and the work in prepping it.

You’ve got better things to do right?

This is where this serving suggestion comes into its own. It’s simple really, take a chilled watermelon and cut into thin wedges. Arrange the wedges on a platter with a glass of super chilled gin. All you need to do then is simply dip watermelon slices into the chilled gin and munch, slurp and enjoy the summer months away.

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